Desember 31, 2008

Dhimmitude and Ghoyimmitude

Posted in Ghoyimmitude pada 2:09 am oleh kusumahk

        By adressing  the non muslims who can live with muslims or fight against the imperialist and racist state of  Israel ( that is created as a jewish state, as crazy as Pakistan as a muslim sate) as dhimmitude, how about people like Robert Spencer ? he should be awarded by Bat yeor and Baruch Goldstein as the best Ghoyimmitude !!! fair enough right ??

       Ahmed Shahi Kusuma wants to ask them ( the ghoyimmitude and the facist Jews) how to solve the muslim problem, sholud we gas the, or create the new Srebrenica monument? or Should we award  Baruch Goldstein for annihilating terrorists and backward society ?

      Ahmed Shahi Kusuma believes that he will never win the Ghoyimmitude award !!!


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