Januari 7, 2009

Tuhan Yang Haus Darah / The Blood Thirsty God

Posted in agama pada 12:31 am oleh kusumahk

        Max Muller, a great scholar of comparative religion studies classifies religions into 3 catagories:

1. The Indo-Aryan religions, that include Hinduism and Jainism. These religions  focus on the self realization.

2. The religion of semitic people, that include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All of them claim the legacy of Abraham. They worship one only God.

3. The far east religions, those are Shinto, Taoism, and Con Fu Sianism. They believe in the appreciation of ancestors.

          However, it is funny to note that  The semitic religions of  Middle East show that they like fighting each others. In the name of  their God , they seek people to belive that their God is superior that the others’gods should be destroyed.

         It is not strange due to the God on Bible  as believed by the zionist Jews, and pious evangelist like Pat Robertson, also Koran’s God as believed by Al Qaedah promote the hatred and power ambitions to others. In fact, a Hindu or a Jain or a Shinto can not understand.

         Ahmed Shahi Kusuma sees that Robert Spencer likes demonizing Islamic God, completely same like the way   Hizbuttahrir portrays the blood thirsty God of Baruch Goldstein and Slobodan Milosevic.

        Does really God of Abrahamic Religions need blood to satisfy Him ??

       Yes, he does. The agression of the zionists to Gaza answers my question. El Shaddai !!!!


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