Januari 14, 2009

Robert Spencer, the Best Ghoyim Praises Israel’s Attack on Gaza

Posted in agama, bigot, Ghoyimmitude pada 2:11 am oleh kusumahk

       The King of bigot, Robert Spencer praises the racist Israelis’ attack on Gaza. He says that,” after enduring  hundreds of rockets  attack from Gaza, Israel has struck back”.  So it is the answer of the best ghoyim in this world.

     By reading his statements, it can be known that the  racist Israelis and their  ghoyim supporters, like Aluang Anak Bayang, Robert Spencer, and Ali Sina excuse the merciful teachings of Yahweh ( the Midian god in bull image) to slaughter the “potential future terrrorist of Palestinians’ children  ” in order to please Yahweh and restore the promised land for the pure Jews ( as promised in Old Testament).

       It is not strange to believe  that this action will please Yahwe ( the god of Israelis as well as the Midians) because this “merciful action” can be justified according to Zionists and Best Ghoyim ( the ghoyimmitude award). Look up  Deuteronomy  7:2, ” Kill all the peoples you ( Israelis) conquer, and pay no mercy on them even their children, slay all of them” or    Numbers  12:2-3, ” Yahweh orders you to destroy all other places of worship  ( to enjoy more, look up this site  http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/int/long.html  )

       This lovely Yahweh of course wants the pious Jews ( like Baruch Goldstein) and others keep slaughtering muslims and Christians’ Allah worshippers because of the wrong god. The Amritsar Massacre in 1919 done by The British and the killing of Atahualpa by Pizarro  show how lovely god worshipped by Robert Spencer, bat Yeor, and Ali Sina.

       Ahmed Shahi Kusuma just wants to say why Robert Spencer just writes to save the promised land ( though he is not allowed to live there, because he is uncleaned ghoyim) , why doesnt he join directly fighting in Gaza ?

     If he does, of course he will be gain the best ghoyim award for peacemaker ???


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