Januari 14, 2009

What does the death of Sgt.Taha Ayman mean ?

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Ahmed Shahi Kusuma understands that bigots in this world are increasing day by day. In Islamic world, it is easy to find that Islamists address those are againts them as atheists, heretics, and so on. Unfortunately it takes places due to the hatred teachings spread by the narrow minded spirit based on the teachings of wahabism or Hizbuttahrir and Al Qaedah with the spirit to stanize western society. But, on the contrary this world  also presents people like Bat Yeor and  Robert Spencer who want to portray as a religion of satan, in which since its first appearance, Islamic teachings is nothing but evil. All muslims due to their religion are seen as a mob of dark age peoples. When I read their comments, I can  find the similar comments on Syed Qutbh, Hizbuttahir and so on. The same facist God is alike worshipped by Robert Spencer on one side, and Osama on other side. They , actually worship the God, the Abraham’s Blood Thirsty God. They want to fight for a  land which is restored by bloodshed. Rober Spencers’ God will drink a cup of Arab’s blood to satisfy Him.

        Now, some American troops sent to Iraq are muslims, and even killed in action. At least there are three muslims, those are Sgt. Taha  Ayman (a  Sudanese ), Capt. Homayoon, and Private Ervin Dervishi. They fight for what the re-born Christian president George Bush calls a a war for justice. And Robert Spencer defends the war that is praised to crush the muslims ( with the dark teachings of Islam ). Now they ( the American muslim troops  ) are killed, ” what they die for??” . For Robert Spencer  emphazises the Taha Ayman’s Allah is evil, how about his ?

     Ahmed Shahi Kusuma wants to know what Robert Spencer ( while enjoying coffee) will say after knowing the three muslims die for something ?


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