Januari 15, 2009

Gaza Massacre shows Deuteronomy 7:2

Posted in agama, Aksi Teroris, zionis imperialis, zionis rasis pada 9:23 am oleh kusumahk


                       Bat Yeor and  Robert Spencer will be glad to see this !   

          Israeli attack on Gaza daya by day teaches how pious Israelis are. Their best goyim ( the winners of Ghoyim Award) like Robert Spencer and Ali Sina will be invited soon by bat Yeor and AIPAC or Anti dafamation League for their obedience to Jewish kosher party for Yahweh ( the Midian god of Thunder). This god Yahweh will drink Palestinians’ children’s blood to satisfy His blood thirsty desire. They are not cruel of course, because they are just pious , because they just do the law of Yahweh on Deuteomony 7 :2, to kill and clean a nation even the children of the nation to please god Yahweh.

           This picture will show you how  a fundamentalist Jew (like Osama) pray before pleasing his god Yahweh by killing Gaza children

              Well, Ahmed Shahi Kusuma knows how piety of the racist state of Israel  is reflected!


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